The Curriculum

The Curriculum and Lesson Notes

This curriculum is how we hope to redress that situation. We, the Children Resource Team at CentrePort, are glad that you are holding in your hands the Curriculum for Weaponizing Your Children. This presupposes that you have read the book and have decided to make weaponizing your child(ren) a priority. If you have not read the book we would recommend that you do, for only then would you be able to truly appreciate the approach we have adopted in this endeavor; and not only that, but you would be able to get into the spirit of this mission.

This course has been intentionally crafted to raise future-fit, purpose-driven and Kingdom-minded children. We are being proactive about your children’s future. We understand the world has moved on and requires new competences and new ways of looking at the world. Our desire is to see that our children do not just sleep-walk into the future; furthermore our commitment is to see that our children are the aggressors rather than the victims of the brave, new world.

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