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It treats them as adults; it is merciless on them. Strong winds, ferocious acid winds, daily assail their tender souls intent on raping their innocence, dulling their conscience and deflowering the child in them. Day by day their minds are being scorched as they are bombarded with adult scenes and insanely agnostic stuff. They are exposed to over-sexed conversations and highly toxic images, and this happens day-and-night, both in school, and at home. Then the only time they get to come to Church on Sundays, we have nothing authentic, powerful, and ruthless, with which to engage their minds and spirits, or at least to purge them – how sad

There is something lacking in the way we train our children in most Sunday schools. There is a fundamental flaw in the content of most of our Sunday school curriculum. That missing thing is purpose – Kingdom purpose. We instil moral values in these kids and teach them the knowledge of the Scriptures, and this is commendable. Nonetheless, we neglect the thing that is most important – imbuing them with a sense of mission. We make them powerful but unguided missiles. They have no sense of mission. When they grow up, they will live for themselves because they were never taught their Kingdom identity. They do not see themselves as citizens of a Kingdom intent on annihilating the kingdoms of this world. Truth is that many of us do not live for the Kingdom; we were never taught to do this. We live for ourselves.

In this Book

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