Weaponizing Your Children

Raising Future-Fit Children


It treats them as adults; it is merciless on them. Strong winds, ferocious acid winds, daily assail their tender souls intent on raping their innocence, dulling their conscience and deflowering the child in them.


There is something lacking in the way we train our children in most Sunday schools. There is a fundamental flaw in the content of most of our Sunday school curriculum. That missing thing is purpose – Kingdom purpose. We instill moral values in these kids and teach them the knowledge of the Scriptures, and this is commendable. Nonetheless, we neglect the thing that is most important – imbuing them with a sense of mission. We make them powerful but unguided missiles. They have no sense of mission. When they grow up, they will live for themselves because they were never taught their Kingdom identity. – Weaponizing Your Children, Chapter 3.


The Curriculum and Lesson Notes

This curriculum is how we hope to redress that situation. We, the Children Resource Team at CentrePort, are glad that you are holding in your hands the Curriculum for Weaponizing Your Children. This presupposes that you have read the book and have decided to make weaponizing your child(ren) a priority. If you have not read the book we would recommend that you do, for only then would you be able to truly appreciate the approach we have adopted in this endeavor; and not only that, but you would be able to get into the spirit of this mission.

When the LORD first began talking to me several years ago along these lines, I felt challenged when I heard about "Indigo children". They are said to be a new generation o gifted children blessed with supernatural abilities, whose mission and purpose is to awaken humanity.

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World Weaponizing Your Children Day

How to celebrate WWYC Day:
1. Lay hands on a child and call forth the greatness in them.

2. Tell a child they are awesome, tell them they have a purpose and tell them you believe they will accomplish great things for God.

3. Call (or send an sms to) your children’s teacher or principal and ask them if they’ve read Weaponizing Your Children

4. Ask your children’s principal if they use the WYC Curriculum?

5. Gift a child a copy of the Bible

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What Readers Say


Out of 5

Weaponizing your Children is a critical tool for every believer whether or not there are children in your home. This book has raw facts about the strategies the enemy is using to steal the hearts of these young ones from now so that when they are old they will be completely sold out to his agenda.

Mayen John-Alley, Canada

I read this book as a Children’s Church teacher and it made me pause and reevaluate what and how we have been teaching the children at my Church. If you read this book, expect to be awakened/re-awakened to the truth that good parenting goes beyond meeting the needs of your children.

Obehi Atagbor, Abuja-Nigeria

I couldn’t drop the book, it gets your attention and gives you knowledge that you didn’t know. My mindset has been opened. It is the truth we are running from. I love the book and I pray parents and churches will wake up. I will use the topics for training kids for my children. Our children must be prepared.

Uduak Bill, Houston Texas-USA

I have read the book “ weaponizing your children” and it’s totally revolutionary, a totally new approach to kingdom parenting. Maybe not new but a reminder of the way we are suppose to parent our children.
I hear the curriculum is coming out and I totally look forward to having that so that I would use that with my biological kids and non-biological kids, basically everyone I have the permission to disciple. I hope you get a copy of the book and the curriculum so that together we can raise kingdom children for the Lord.

Anne Ekwueme, Creative Director at Zibah by AnnEkwueme

After reading the book “Weaponizing your children” I wished I could find a way or have a way of making it part of my curriculum. Then hearing that it’s about to come out as a proper curriculum to be used in schools, I’m excited. I’m excited because it gives us the assistance we need in bringing up our children in the kingdom way, not just teaching them CRS, bible stories and all but teaching them the proper kingdom way. So having this curriculum is a blessing and it’s a very welcome development.

Angela Adegbe, Proprietress of Beautiful Minds Schools, Makurdi, Nigeria.